суббота, 1 марта 2014 г.

PHOTOS - Events in Ukraine, armed demonstrators, Kiev, EuroMaidan, mass psychosis

The U.S. president said he believes protests in Kiev peaceful. Ukraine's new government announced Yanukovych wanted for "mass murder" of "peaceful" people. It is only strange that the people who seized the administration building in the Crimea and no one who killed, for the same analogy is not called "peaceful demonstrators" and Maidan's extremists who killed more than a ten police officers, liberal-minded fighters for justice continue to call so indignantly say that the government has used weapons against them. Molotov cocktails, stones and fittings may be used only "peaceful" protesters. Can you imagine a similar situation in the U.S.? What would President Obama be allowed to burn tires for several months, and then launch an armed attack on a custody order? The situation resembles some nonsense. This is not a double standard, as something radically new .

The following pictures are taken from sites of news agencies ITAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti and site Gazeta.ru

As you can see from the photos in the "struggle for freedom" involved not only the men in the prime of youth, but also pensioners and women. I do not remember the revolutions that brought benefits to the country in which they occurred. You do not like Yanukovych - why choose? Mistake? Cheated? There are legitimate and peaceful impeachment if the next election not to wait. All of these "freedom fighters" and "heroes", in my opinion, have dug themselves and the country a big hole.

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