четверг, 13 марта 2014 г.

Ukraine: cults in power. Yatseniuk - Scientologist, Turchinov - baptist

Several years ago, the network has information that the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk is a Scientologist with experience. He is in cult since 1998, sister - a U.S. citizen, also a Scientologist. A Acting President of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov - too sectarian - the baptist.

Sectarians came to power in Ukraine . They united with nationalists and other "peaceful protest" (which , as they say the liberal media, threw "Molotov cocktail" to the police because they "brought") lead the country in order. Now all the problems are solved, there is no doubt.

Scientologists immediately rushed to "opt out" of Yatsenuk, saying that they are out of politics, but because saying "acceptable truth", as bequeathed Hubbard, in such cases to them - the norm, this statement is not credible. In any case, time will tell, but for now let's talk about the most Scientology.

The Church of Scientology, according to experts, is a powerful intelligence service intelligence service comparable to a small state that is achieved, primarily, the most "religious practices" auditing. This sort of confession in which everything said client, recorded and stored in his personal file. In addition, we must understand that Scientology adherents live in the real world and have different social status, often highly secured because Courses cost many thousands of dollars. Therefore, the materials "confessions" may contain not only got dirt on the sect, but also to many other people with whom they cross paths, including high. Scientologists also known penetration in various government agencies and the theft of classified documents (for it was arrested by the third wife of the founder of the sect L.R. Hubbard). Hence a natural interest in Scientology U.S. intelligence agencies and basis for cooperation , because the sect has spread far beyond the territory of the United States including in states that are "zone of interests" of America or its ideological opponents.

Since 1993 in the U.S. , Scientology has received the status of religion , full exemption from taxes and protection of the State Department . If in any country of the sect used restrictive sanctions , the State Department expressed concern about the oppression of religious freedom, sends protest note and makes warning (like France or Germany).

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