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Hidden cameras found in the "confessional" Church of Scientology Moscow

A source in law enforcement bodies of the capital, told RIA Novosti that the information thus gathered, according to investigators, it could be used to blackmail the visitors.

MOSCOW, August 17 - RIA Novosti. Investigators and Police in Moscow have found hidden microphones and video equipment in the "confessional" of one of the religious institutions of the capital, whose premises are located in the city center, on the streets Tagansky, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the representative of the Investigative Committee in Moscow Yulia Ivanova.

According to this criminal case under article of the Criminal Code "Illegal circulation of special technical means intended for secret information."

"Investigators together with employees Russian Interior Ministry carried out a search of the premises occupied by a religious association. As a result, the premises for personal conversations were discovered hidden installed special equipment ... of audio-video monitoring, consisting of acoustic microphones and cameras belonging to the category of funds intended for secret information ", - she said.

Familiar with the situation a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that it is a head unit of the Church of Scientology of Moscow, and there is information collected, according to investigators, could be used to blackmail the visitors.

"One of the key this version is that the church attracted quite wealthy, wealthy people. Recording equipment was located in the rooms for solitary person. Rather, recorded them and then revise, identify patients for the visitor themes and used in the future against him. Perhaps, including blackmail, it will be checked during the investigation, "- said the source.


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