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Russian Scientologists clear the YouTube

Scientology art to say "acceptable truth" is improving more and more. Some time ago, the Russian-language films and programs that criticized the cult of the "Church of Scientology", began to disappear from the YouTube video service. Why is this happening?

Most stories about Scientology often contain small portions of its videos, for example, lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, commercials, etc. Scientologists complained of copyright infringement to the TV shows and films produced by Russian and foreign channels. Russian and American copyright law allows the use of foreign audio-visual materials in critical and informational purposes, otherwise these films and programs would never have been published. I mean, that deleted videos did not violate the COS's copyright. YouYube administration, in a way, condone Scientologists without entering the correct proceedings complaint or not, if it is, the video is removed. Filmmaking companies often do not prohibit placing their videos on YouTube, but the situation is not affected. Thus the so-called The Church of Scientology, censor video service, submitting false complaint of copyright infringement and removing critical material. Of course, it's no wonder ... what else to expect from the Scientologists, but a lie, that is the doctrine of the cult, a part of its "holy scripture": lying, for the benefit of Scientology. Critical materials in the YouTube search results are replaced by cults, such as "The Way to Happiness" that create a beautiful facade of the cult and which are far from the real ideology of the Scientology. If you will be filed three complaints, your channel will be removed, that recently happened to one of antiscientology channels. Moreover, American Scientologists not afford such impudence, while their Russian colleagues, witch have found a loophole as to strip unwanted information. You can verify this by typing the word "Саентология" in the YouTube search box: only the lecture of A. Dvorkin and a couple of small spots, all the rest - Scientology advertising.

It must be remembered that Scientologists do not sue the authors of the program, these videos can be viewed on the companies websites. Question in the audience: tens of thousands of people could watch these movies on YouTube. Therefore Scientologists fighting for this platform using your favorite method - a lie. Here are a few examples of the video "violated" COS copyright:

Russia 1. The "Live". Scientology crooks or the prophets.

A documentary about activities of the cult of Scientology in Kazakhstan.

NTV program "Maximum". The penetration of Scientologists in Russian schools.

The channel ABC. The documentary film "Scientology: The Ex-Fails" (2010)

Russian Scientologists have removed the «Going clear: Scientology and the prison of belief». Although HBO channel hired 160 lawyers before the release of the film, but Scientologists do not care. Why do not lie and do not file a complaint of copyright infringement, if it works?

Scientologists even remove a parody of the famous speech of Tom Cruise, the removal of the original which sparked a wave of protests around the world.

Most likely, this behavior of Russian COS associated with the release of a critical film about Scientology "Going clear: Scientology and the prison of belief": the interest and the number of queries on "Scientology video" increased. So they cleaned the search results, wrongly interpreting the concept of "fair use."

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